A Brief Introduction to Erynn Rowan Laurie, Author of Fireflies at Absolute Zero – Forthcoming October 31st!

Come October 31st, we will release our latest poetry title, Fireflies at Absolute Zero by Erynn Rowan Laurie. Seeing as Erynn is new to the Hiraeth circle, we thought only proper to give you a brief introduction to her and her upcoming collection.

Erynn Rowan Laurie is a pro­fes­sional mad­woman who has been fas­ci­nated by Gaelic and other Celtic cul­tures for over two decades. Her occult inter­ests started when she was just a kid and she’s been doing astrology and tarot since about the age of 12. Poet, writer, fem­i­nist, musi­cian, inter­faith activist and dis­abled vet­eran, Erynn is one of the founding voices of the Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan move­ment and the author of Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom.

Born in Rhode Island and raised in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, Erynn cur­rently resides in western Washington, loving the moun­tains, forests, and water beyond all logic or reason. She enjoys hiking, back­packing, and camping when she’s able, and records the minu­tiae of her daily life and her spir­i­tual and polit­ical ram­blings at her website: Book of Leaves.

Her latest work, Fireflies at Absolute Zero will be release just in time for Samhain. This unique col­lec­tion is a map of a life, written in loca­tion and longing, its cal­lig­raphy fol­lowing the sur­real moments between dream and waking. The poems are shaped by myth, the Gaelic poetic tra­di­tion, dream worlds, per­sonal his­tory, and the grey-green land­scape of the Salish Sea.  From snow­fall in the Hoh rain­forest to the sen­su­ality of a lover’s touch, the poems span decades of a life in motion, finally finding a home between the moun­tains and waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Continue reading and enjoy “Orca Heart” an excerpt from Fireflies at Absolute Zero and be sure to check back for more updates!



Orca Heart


An old man told me

“Take big bites out of life;

Moderation is for monks.”

Am I a monk?

If so,

I am not a solemn monk,

no earthbound-eyes-on-heaven monk;

I am

a fire-monk


a moaning-sea-monk


I have coyote blood

raven feathers

lynx ears, peregrine eyes

and the spots of salmon.

I love with a hungry orca heart.

I have fox flesh

chameleon skin.

Let me bare myself for you,

fine pale flesh of the moon,

changing scales,

round breasts.

Touch me soft

with lips, tongue, fingers

for I am a love-monk



not like Francis or Marbhan.

I do not tame the animals,


I am mad Suibhne of the trees.

They enwilden me:


Burning paws

roll me in leaves

and moss,

rub me with ferns and ivy.

Pursue me,

I’m naked!

Your wild cheetah heart is

insatiable, ripe, swift as the wind —

only the sky overtakes me,

and you,

for you are lightning

and meteors

and I have a mad orca heart.