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Posted on Oct 5, 2015

A Day in the Mountains by Elizabeth Cunningham

A Day in the Mountains by Elizabeth Cunningham

An excerpt from So Ecstasy Can Find You


went to the mountain range
called Dawn Snake
sinuous ridges running
south-north, cliffs facing east

I lay down on a rock
not long after noontide,
cool air, fierce sun’s heat,
everywhere water wearing

away stone with drip and
rush. The mountain said,
I hold time in my bones
I remember my shaping

I remember all the life
that’s blown over my surface
burrowed into my hollows,
young fleeting one, rest


Cunningham_FrontCover_smIn her third collection of poems, novelist Elizabeth Cunningham leads us on an intimate journey into forest and mountain, garden and dream, along a hidden stream bed and beside a friend’s deathbed. She also explores poetic form, drawing inspiration from ghazal, haiku, tanka, and song lyric. Eye and ear are equally important to Cunningham; her images are rich, her rhythms, sure. By turns wry and tender, awed and amused, the collection displays the emotional range of a writer whose questions have led her on a quest, whether it is following blue trail markers along a cliff or confronting her own aging and death. These poems are grounded (literally and figuratively) in Cunningham’s ecstatic connection with the earth in all its strength, fragility and mystery.