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Posted on Apr 17, 2012

First Look at Living in the Nature Poem by Mary Harwell Sayler

On June 15th we will release Living in the Nature Poem by Mary Harwell Sayler. This collection connects us to ourselves, each other, and the earth. As an important part of our own environments, we’re also part of the complexities of nature, including human nature and those odd thoughts and moments that bring humor, wonder, perplexity, and prayer.

As a preview of this forthcoming release, we will be releasing a few poems from the collection over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy!




Sleeping with the Universe


Beyond the action of creation

lies a great repose. You can

see this in a wildflower – the

closing of petals in tight lashes

against a lidded night – or in the

breaths between a burst of bird-

song: this lull unknown to highly

cultivated peoples, places, plants.

You can see it today in the falling

away, overnight, of leaves from

the live oak, exposing an amazing

maze of boles, terminal buds, and

holes for nesting in the dark. You

can see this in the gardenia – its

leaves cold-snapped into crackling

paper curled to protect the tender

growth – or in the dust flecks

resting on the pocked marble-top

table or in the hush of the porch

rocker or in the sag of a telephone

wire or in the pulsating of a star.

All attest to this universal need

known to artists, children, poets,

who, poised in mystery, must

watch and wait and wonder.