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Posted on May 14, 2015

Hiraeth Press is Growing

Hiraeth Press is Growing

Dear Readers,

Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the first book Hiraeth Press published. I started the press quite casually, publishing a book of my own poetry for the sake of making it available to friends. Some years and handful of books later I received a submission from L.M. Browning. I wasn’t taking submissions at the time and politely told her so. Eventually we reconnected through mutual friends and I watched the success with which she promoted her new poetry book, which had, in the end, found a publisher after all. I invited her to meet in Boston to discuss her joining Hiraeth Press to help me launch it as a publisher of environmental and contemplative poetry and nonfiction.

That was in 2010. Five years later, we’ve done some tremendous work together. Soon after joining Hiraeth Press, she founded her own press, Homebound Publications. Homebound Publications is focused on publishing contemplative literature, “books that you will have on your nightstand for a few years and return to again and again—books that nourish your mind and soul.” We’ve worked together these past five years, growing our “sister” publishing houses from the ground up.

HBP_2015_Header_short-300x104Today I am happy to announce that Homebound Publications and Hiraeth Press are officially uniting. Hiraeth Press will be an independently-operated imprint of Homebound Publications. This will allow us to collectively direct our efforts and have a greater impact in bringing contemplative and environmental literature to our readers around the world. Hiraeth Press will continue publishing environmental literature exploring themes of conservation, rewilding, place-based narratives, natural history, and contemplative ecology. We are interested in books that bring together science and poetry, bridging the gap between knowing the earth and knowing the self.

Finally, to mark this occasion and to assist us in guiding the continued growth of Hiraeth Press and Homebound Publications, we have formed an Advisory Board consisting of authors, editors, artists, scientists, and environmentalists. We look forward to the work that we will do together. Our board members are:

  • L.M. Browning
    • Award-winning Author and Founder of Homebound Publications and Owl House Books
  • Jason Kirkey
    • Author and Founder of Hiraeth Press
  • Andrew J. Long
    • Co-Founder of Homebound Publications
  • Jennifer MacCormack,
    • Associate Editor for Hiraeth Press’ ​Written River; also a poet and research psychologist
  • J.K. McDowell
    • Author and artist
  • Theodore Richards
    • Award-winning author and Founder of The Chicago Wisdom Project
  • Francesca G. Varela
    • Award-winning author and environmentalist

Good things are on the horizon! We hope that you will join us on this next long stretch of the winding trail ahead.

Yours from mountains and rivers,
Jason Kirkey
Hiraeth Press, Founder