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Hiraeth Press is Returning to the Earth

Dear Readers,

In 2006, Hiraeth Press began publishing with an acknowledgement that poetry is the language of the earth. Through that language, we had a purpose: to listen, and through listening and speaking, to rewild the human heart and mind. Over the past decade, we’ve shared this adventure with our readers and the authors who entrusted their voices to us. It has been a labor of love by all involved. We have been privileged to work with the talented writers who we’ve published, many of whom have become friends and family, and privileged as well by your readership.

Today we announce that Hiraeth Press is returning to the earth. That is a more appropriate metaphor than to say we are “closing our doors.” There are no doors to close on the wild. Nor is this truly an end, as a closed door might signify. It is, instead, more like the process a wind-felled tree undergoes on the forest floor: a composting, a breaking down of nutrients to feed the broader ecology.

For the past three years, Hiraeth Press has been an imprint of Homebound Publications. The difference in “brand identity” between Homebound Publications and Hiraeth Press has always been nebulous; we share both passions and purpose. Many of the titles that Hiraeth Press has published will remain available through Homebound Publications, through which we hope to continue to rewild the human heart and mind and ensure that “the mainstream is not the only stream.”

There are more adventures to be had together, and we hope that you will continue to join us on them.

Jason Kirkey
Hiraeth Press

L.M. Browning
Homebound Publications