Huntley Meadows

Huntley Meadows
Huntley Meadows: A Naturalist’s Journal in Verse
Jamie K. Reaser, with a forward by David S. Wilcove
214 pages, 6 x 9 Paperback

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Watching an individual leaf
waltz its way down
from blue can’t be
any less miraculous than


Praise for Huntley Meadows

“Jamie K. Reaser’s poetic account of a year in Huntley Meadows in the heart of Washington is a treasure. A top-rank scientist committed to conservation biology, Reaser turns out to be a poet able to project images of the natural world that echo reality—and at the same time move the reader’s spirit. Read it and then go there!” —Donald Kennedy, PhD, President Emeritus of Stanford University

“In the lineage of Oliver, Stegner, Lopez and Thoreau, Jamie K. Reaser’s exquisite year-long record, Huntley Meadows, guides us as readers to a sacred return. In this living homage to fur, feather, scale and root we remember the deep love possible for a place through the seasons. The spirit of a shaman-poet and the keen eye of a naturalist come together in these pages. The end result is a collection of verses wherein a special place is given a voice. Listening to such voices offers all of us resurrection and renewal.”  -Frank Owen, creator of the online poetry experience, nekyia.poetry

“Reaser’s words are able to reach us within our deep fatigue, stirring us to venture out into the remaining untouched places and turn within. She bring us with her out into the tall grasses to watch the illusive Red Fox and listen to the Bluebirds conversing with the Wren, knowing that we will find what we need to sooth our modern ails in the simplicity, constancy and grace of our surround. What Reaser gathered during her time at Huntley Meadows has the potential to make our wanting lives much richer.” -L.M. Browning author of: Oak Wise and Ruminations at Twilight

“Jamie K. Reaser’s poems transport you into the natural world of Huntley Meadows, a magical place in the heart of the DC Metropolitan area. Her words are a welcoming awakening to a sense of nature, something many of us are losing and trying to regain.” -Gabriela Chavarria, PhD, Director of National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) Science Center

“Soulful and delicious appetizers of poem that make you want to visit Huntley Meadows every day and see what Dr. Reaser has seen. She makes the invisible suddenly visible, and beautiful.” -Kevin Munroe, Huntley Meadows, Park Manager