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Posted on May 8, 2012

Laborious | A Selection from Living in Nature Poem by Mary Harwell Sayler

Enjoy another selection from Mary Harwell Sayler’s forthcoming collection Living in the Nature Poem being released June 15th. Check back next Tuesday to read an interview between Mary and Hiraeth Press Editor and author L.M. Browning.









The spider owns the air

on which the web is woven,

the bird that patch of sky.

Why does my work weigh me down?

In the beginning, the Creator made work

an invitation,

not the chore that later cameĀ 

when the garden got

left behind.

Rampant ideas

tangle untended.

Money mars motivation.

Time demands priority.

Deadlines jangle,

words juggle

to fit a perfect page.


May this day be woven

of sky and air and Holy


Let God be

the center

of the air, the work, the