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Estuaries by Jason Kirkey | Visit Amazon’s Kindle Store»

The poems in this book are an attempt to speak in a common tongue with mountains, rivers, and forests. Too often poetry is thought of as the domain of human creativity with its source in the depths of the imagination. We use it to speak of the world, but not to the non-human world—let alone with it. The poems in Estuaries suggest that speech and poetry are fundamentally rooted in the ecosystem—the detritus of fallen leaves, the curvature of a river bend, and the sound of rain on a heron’s wings. All of this might be regarded as the speech of the Earth. When we speak or write poetry that engages these voices we become participant in the patterns of the watershed.

Every region has its watershed—the area in which all the water flows toward a dominant river and defines the character of its ecology—and each watershed, on its way out to sea, speaks its own poetry. In these times of ecological crisis we ought to listen to the voice of our habitats. We can join in through poetry, becoming consonant with our places on this Earth. The shape of our tongues—the way the sounds roll off like rivers or scrape through our throats like stones—take on the form of the geography we inhabit.


Sacred ReciprocitySacred Reciprocity by Jamie K. Reaser | Visit Amazon’s Kindle Store»

The essence of ‘ayni’ is sacred reciprocity. Ayni emerges out of a universal perspective in which importance is placed on the relational flow of energy as a process of establishing and maintaining balance.  Ayni can be seen as a code of conduct–a sacred agreement to engage in a balanced exchange between self and other.  What is given may not be anywhere near as important as how it is given. In ayni, it is the heart that counts. Ayni can be established among people, between humans and all other beings, and between all beings and the animate Cosmos.


339806_10201169548344462_419903556_oWild Life by Jamie K. Reaser | Visit Amazon’s Kindle Store»

Wild Life is both a celebration of wildlife and an exploration of the human animal. Ultimately, it is a testament to what becomes possible when we see ourselves as a part of, rather than apart from, the natural world. What can an owl, a salmon, or a bear teach us about becoming a better person? What if we re-claimed our animalness? What if we surrendered to the wild life? “What if..?” asks the poet.


WinterCover_smWinter by Jamie K. Reaser | Visit Amazon’s Kindle Store»

Jamie K. Reaser’s newest collection of poetry is a celebration of simplicity. Written during winter snow storms, the poems explore the essence of the season and what it is to have the routines of modernity stripped away when the power goes out. In this simplicity reside the profound truths that Nature and human nature have to offer those who have the courage to sit still and get quiet enough to listen. Place your chair in front of a warm fire and take Winter: Reflections by Snowlight into your hands.


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