Advanced Praise for Night, Mystery & Light

The release of Night, Mystery & Light by J.K. McDowell is a little under a week away but the advanced praise is already coming in:

“There is poetry. Then there is poetry with insight; the kind that opens up luminous doors within the reader. NIGHT, MYSTERY & LIGHT is poetry of the door-flinging variety. Through an ongoing holy conversation with soul, and an ever-deepening glance at the nuanced details of the life always happening within and around us, J.K. McDowell’s words help us to sweep away the cobwebs of tired perception and see the world anew. This is poetry that prepares the heart-mind to become an awake sky worthy of sunsets and sunrises.”    ~ Frank Owen | Bodhiyatra Poetry
“J.K. McDowell is a poet of consciousness – a shaman of words and the energies they convey. The poems in this collection are true craft – an art with purpose and function. Reader, here is a passageway into the Great Mystery. Night has fallen and Jim has handed you a light. Come. See.”  ~ Jamie K. Reaser, author of Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out

Come read the first few pages of this new collection for yourself.  We currently have previews available on (see below) and Enjoy~

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