Review of Fireflies at Absolute Zero

Erynn Rowan Laurie’s poetry collection, Fireflies at Absolute Zero (now the winner of the very first Bisexual Book Award for poetry) was recently reviewed in the online periodical, Eternal Haunted Summer. Here’s an excerpt or you can visit the periodical to read the full review:

Unlike most modern poetry books, this one is not only larger, but it is fuller:  full of experiences, insights, tradition, spiritual depth beyond the expressed angst of the seeker or the eternal questioner (a persona all too often assumed by the modern or post-modern poet), wisdom in a form that is never trite nor cliché, and of the direct and indirect presence of many goddesses and gods.  It is a collection that can equally well be understood as incantation, recollection, and manifesto.  In short, it is everything that a good book of poetry should be, and that so many of them fail to be.