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Posted on Oct 31, 2014

Rolling Snowmen | A Selection from Winter by Jamie K. Reaser

Rolling Snowmen | A Selection from Winter by Jamie K. Reaser

Enjoy a selection from Jamie K. Reaser’s latest collection Winter: Reflections by Snowlight. Jamie’s newest collection of poetry is a celebration of simplicity. Written during winter snow storms, the poems explore the essence of the season and what it is to have the routines of modernity stripped away when the power goes out. In this simplicity reside the profound truths that Nature and human nature have to offer those who have the courage to sit still and get quiet enough to listen. Place your chair in front of a warm fire and take Winter: Reflections by Snowlight into your hands.

Winter is now available on Amazon, B&N and right here in our bookstore.


Rolling Snowmen


I can’t remember the last time I rolled
a snowman. I would have been a young girl,
wearing my hair in two long brown braids,
and blissfully naïve to what was coming,
ignorant of the fact that childhood can
end so abruptly,
and without warning, explanation, or apology.
Had I been wiser, I would have cherished
everything about that day:
I’d be able to tell you the color of the sky,
the rate of snow fall,
the size of the flakes,
the thickness of the pack,
and if it were wet or a little too dry.
Was it particularly cold?  Had my mother
knitted my cap, or scarf?
Was the snow still falling while I made him,
or had it stopped?
How big was he?
Certainly, I used a carrot for the nose.
Rocks for eyes?  Was he smiling?
Did someone help? Younger sisters? The neighbor-kids?
And, what did it all smell like? There were pines
in the front yard – one very big.
Is that where I learned that each species of pine
has a different odor? Was I wrapped
in a perfume of pine and snow and happiness?
Now I’m going to show my age, and maybe some experience.
I have chosen to apprentice to
that which teaches me
to cherish every moment:
The sky is platinum.
The snow is falling fast;
a dizzying cascade of thick, wet flakes
forming fluffy biceps on the boughs
of the evergreens, which,
yes, I can smell from the threshold of
my open front door – made of solid mahogany.
A male cardinal just called out.
I want to be sure to acknowledge him –
this crimson guardian of winter hope.
After all,
this could be my last poem.
Or, yours.


Advance Praise for Winter

“Jamie K. Reaser’s latest work is a love poem to the season of darkness, part of her broader mission to help us re-member who we are—embedded in the dark and dirty processes of the earth—and to help bring about that deep and important work of recognizing that there are no sacred or profane places or times, only stories we can tell that allow us to remember—or obscure—the sacredness of all. The coldness and darkness of winter is her muse, and her poetry can be ours in a time of darkness as well.”

—Theodore Richards, author of The Crucifixion, Creatively Maladjusted, and The Conversions

“Winter is a time for reflection, rest, and regeneration. Jamie K. Reaser shares the magic of this season of life, as well as the harshness that this time can bring. Settle back into the beautiful and potent poetry in Winter: Reflections by Snowlight and absorb the deep wisdom shared.”

—Sandra Ingerman, award winning author of eight books, including Soul Retrieval

Winter is written in the ‘language of all things.’ It is a snow-lit illumination of consciousness. With stillness at the center, the collection invites us to ‘go inside’ to an interior of the spirit, which can manifest in juncos, cedars, reindeer games, and simple offerings. In Winter, we find interrelatedness, a communion with the natural world.”

—Gwendolyn Morgan, author of Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea

“I grew up in the Arizona desert and have never been fond of the cold – especially harsh winter environments. In spite of the visual beauty of snow covered mountains and landscapes, somehow for me they have mostly felt inhospitable, threatening and unfriendly. After reading Jamie Reaser’s Winter, my perception has shifted . . . indeed I have shifted.
My inner-world has been deeply touched and impacted by Jamie’s poetry. It opened me to something incredibly beautiful– something new within myself and how I experience the world. “Winter” explores both the dark and the light–always with love, gratitude and appreciation for all that is – it is Nature – it is real. Needless to say I highly recommend this book!”

–Byron Metcalf, Ph.D., Award-winning musician and creator of “The Shaman’s Heart – The Path of Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence”

“Jamie K. Reaser’s poetry does not attempt to startle with exotic lands or obtuse language. Instead, she stays close to home. And yet, in her heartfelt voice, the common place becomes uncovered, and like the kiss that frees the frog, we see the true and royal estate of our everyday lives.”

Walker Abel, author of The Uncallused Hand


Jamie K. Reaser has a deep fondness for the wild, intimate, and unnameable. She received a BS in Field Biology, with a minor in Studio Art, from the College of William and Mary and her doctorate in Biology from Stanford University. She has worked around the world as a biologist, international policy negotiator, environmental educator, and wilderness rites-of-passage guide. She is also a practitioner and teacher of eco-psychology, nature-based spirituality, and various approaches to expanding human consciousness, as well as a poet, writer, artist, and homesteader-in-progress. Jamie has a passion for bringing people into their hearts, inspiring the heart beat of community, and, ultimately, empowering people to live with a heart-felt dedication to Mother Earth. Her writing explores themes at the interface of Nature and human nature. She is the editor of the Courting the Wild Series, as well as the author of Huntley Meadows: A Naturalist’s Journal in Verse, Note to Self: Poems for Changing the World from the Inside Out, Sacred Reciprocity: Courting the Beloved in Everyday Life, Wild Life: New and Selected Poems, and Winter: Reflections by Snowlight. Jamie is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers. She makes her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Please visit her Talking Waters Facebook page and/or Talking Water poetry blog (link below).