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Reptiles & Amphibians Front cover
Reptiles & Amphibians Front cover

Love Affairs with Reptiles and Amphibians edited by Jamie K. Reaser

Courting the Wild:

Love Affairs with Reptiles and Amphibians

Edited by Jamie K. Reaser


Praise for Courting the Wild

Ever since that infa­mous episode in The Garden of Eden, we humans have des­per­ately needed to heal our rela­tion­ship with the scaly and slip­pery ones. Unfairly dis­en­fran­chised from our good­will for thou­sands of years, “herps” deserve to be loved for what they really are: fas­ci­nating, life-​​​​giving, and the only crea­tures with per­petual smiles.

—Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers

Courting the Wild: Love Affairs with Reptiles and Amphibians is a must read! This riv­eting book pro­vides a unique glimpse into the fas­ci­nating world of rep­tiles, amphib­ians, and the people who love them. Finally, there is some good PR for herps, as well as proof that I’m not insane or alone in my desire to kiss a snake.

—Donald Schultz, conservationist, explorer, and film maker

This won­derful col­lec­tion of essays offers a glimpse into the spe­cial world of rep­tiles, and the spell they cast on those who have devoted their lives to their study. If you love nature, whether or not you’re “into” rep­tiles, you’ll find much to enjoy, and you just may come away with a new­found appre­ci­a­tion and respect for these fas­ci­nating, often beau­tiful and fre­quently mis­un­der­stood crea­tures.

—Russ Case, editor of Reptiles Magazine and ReptileChannel​.com

How does it happen that ordi­nary, well bal­anced, people end up ded­i­cating their lives to snakes?  This book by Reaser and her col­leagues answers this ques­tion, not only for snakes, but for tur­tles and lizards, and frogs and toads and sala­man­ders, too. Enjoy these sto­ries.  If you are young (or young at heart), there may be an epiphany awaiting you. If “herps” have long since been your pas­sion, let these tales take you back to those early for­ma­tive days, when every­thing that has hap­pened since first began.

—Michael J.  Lannoo, Ph.D, professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and editor ofAmphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species

This is a book you can only read until sun­down, at which time you will be inspired to visit the amphib­ians and rep­tiles in your own neigh­bor­hood. The sto­ries con­tained herein will rekindle mem­o­ries of your own first con­nec­tion to nature, making you want to relive that moment and moti­vating you to help pro­tect these amazing ani­mals and their wild habi­tats.

—Shelly Grow, conservation biologist, Association of Zoos and Aquariums


Format: Paperback | Second Edition | ISBN 9780979924651 | 214 pages | Essay/​Nature


Price: $15.95
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