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Searching for What is Not There by Martin Willitts Jr

Searching for What is Not There

by Martin Willitts Jr


Divided into the four seasons, Searching for What Is Not There is a collection of nature poems with a concern with the complex, connected, and fragile relationship of everything in the universe, from the smallest to the immense, infused with spiritualism and silence, as we begin growing older, accepting death and embracing life.

Praise for Searching for What is Not There

Listen to this poet ‘say what is not easy to say,’ and say this in ways memorable and jolting enough ‘to bruise the stone of any heart.’ Martin Willitts Jr seems to me heroic as his life deepens into his vibrant poetry, and vice versa.”

—William Heyen, author of Shoah Train and Confessions of Doc Williams and Other Poems

Gardener, healer, poet, scholar of clouds, Martin Willitts Jr in his new book is a shape-​​shifting guide through the seasons of the year, of our lives. Among the many joys of his Searching for What is Not There, you will be delighted to find yourself ‘sleeping on pillows of flowers/​ arriving on pink flamingoes.’ And you will learn what it is to ‘caress a landscape.’”

—Karla Linn Merrifield, author of The Urn and Godwit: Poems of Canada

Martin Willitts Jr is a master poet, an archeologist of memories, an observer of people and nature, a tugger of heartstrings. He is a person who believes in peace and is confident enough to reveal inner thoughts and feelings. In this moving collection he shows us he knows that life like nature is an unending quest. These are not the poems of a beginner; they are carefully crafted from experience and observation to give us a work of art masterfully presented.”

—Zvi A. Sesling, author of King of the Jungle and editor of Muddy River Poetry Review


Format: Paperback | ISBN 978–0988943025 | 94 Pages | Poetry

Price: $15.95
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