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The Ballad of the Sea-​​Sweet Moon by Jason Kirkey

Ballad of the Sea-​​​​Sweet Moon
Ballad of the Sea-Sweet Moon

The Ballad of the Sea-​​Sweet Moon and Other Poems
Jason Kirkey

What are you reading for? What are you reading for?
Let the world come in your eyes!”

Now I sit in the brown light of sunset just before a storm
with space enough in my tea for the rain.
The lawnmower is broken. The grass is knee-​​high,
and bends in the wind like a river.

Just once, let what is in your care grow wild
enough to see the world through its own eyes.”
—from “Conversations with Maple”

The Ballad of the Sea-​​Sweet Moon tells the story of a mythic encounter with the divine feminine and how it shakes and shapes the life of one man, setting his heart ablaze. In their poetic and tantric love-​​making, cities and structures of consciousness will fall, ultimately making room for a new way of being in the world. This collection also includes a newly edited version of the chapbook September Seeing and several never before seen poems.

Format: Paperback | 104 Pages | 978–0979924620 | Poetry

Price: $12.95
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