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Written River Issue 10

Written River is a lit­er­ary jour­nal pub­lished by Hiraeth Press which focuses on poetry and non-​​​​fiction prose explor­ing nature and our rela­tion­ship to it. Published as an annual anthol­ogy, we strive to encour­age the dis­ci­pline of eco-​​​​poetics and return the voice of the poet to the body of the Earth. Eco-​​​​poetics is poetry in which the energy of the ecosys­tem flows through the poem, cre­at­ing a writ­ten river of words which ebbs with the cre­ativ­ity of the entire Earth commun­ity. Written River marks the con­flu­ence of many streams and many voices as they flow back into the nour­ish­ing ground of the water­shed.

This issue of Written River features essays by Matthew Dickerson, Susan Double, Sophia Sinopoulos-​​Lloyd, Aven Satre-​​Meloy, Maximillian Werner, and Michael Engelhard.

Table of Contents
Matthew Dickerson
Return to the South Fork of the Eagle River
Susan Double
The Salmon Forest
Sophia Sinopoulos-​​Lloyd
Tracking as a Way of Knowing
Aven Satre-​​Meloy
Chasing the Memory of a Naturalist in Baja California Sur
Maximilian Werner
Mystery, Knowledge, and the Worsening Light of the Ethereal Mind
Michael Engelhard
How I Defied the White Man and Out-​​Foxed Fox

Miki Fukuda
Language without Words
Wolves and Honey
Elizabeth Poreba
Andrew Irvine
David O’Hara
Sage Creek
Kathryn Haydon
Morning: Blank Canvas
Gwendolyn Morgan
Corvidae Gratitude
Dustin Pickett
If You are a Stranger Here, Start with this Poem
Rabbit, Mt. Pome #2
Snap an Alder Branch. . .
James Dott
Naming the Tree
Zachary Bos
Tsuga canadensis
Acer rubrum
John Grey
The Woods
Carol Deering
Runoff River
Holly Haworth
Mountain Testimony
Gloria Heffernan
At the Stone Quarry Art Park, Cazenovia, NY
Fossil Hunting, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Paul Willis
Little Beaver Creek
Steve Kanji Ruhl
What We Don’t See in the Dark
Clear Stream
Kyce Bello
Missing Page from the Guide to Western Birds
Yellow Warbler
Ryan Bayless
Sleeping with Deer
Jamie Lynn Heller
Anchor Me
Dov Welnman
Ann Spiers
Sky Overcast
Visibility Reduced by Smoke
Ground covered with Thawing Snow
Mary Newell
From beavers, this rivulet
Diana Woodcock
Learning to Tread Softly
Grey Heron
Sarah de Sousa
Mary Harwell Sayler
Tricia Knoll
Darwin’s Piano Forte
If I Could Come Back
Nick Norwood
A Wash
C.M. Rivers
Plants and Animals
This is Earth
Sarah Rehfeldt
Owl Song

Format: Paperback | Kindle |  ISBN 978–0-9975927–1-9 | 151 pages
Release Date: May 31, 2016

Price: $12.95
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