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Written River (Vol. 5 Issue 2)

Written River is a lit­er­ary jour­nal pub­lished by Hiraeth Press which focuses on poetry and non-​​fiction prose explor­ing nature and our rela­tion­ship to it. Published as an annual anthol­ogy, we strive to encour­age the dis­ci­pline of eco-​​poetics and return the voice of the poet to the body of the Earth. Eco-​​poetics is poetry in which the energy of the ecosys­tem flows through the poem, cre­at­ing a writ­ten river of words which ebbs with the cre­ativ­ity of the entire Earth commun­ity. Written River marks the con­flu­ence of many streams and many voices as they flow back into the nour­ish­ing ground of the water­shed.

This issue of Written River features essays by Matthew Dickerson, William Henry Searle, Marianne Werner, and Amber Ornelas and photography by Ron Roth, Katherine Minott, and Russell Streur.

Table of Contents

Essay · The Clearcut, the Cutthroat, and the Cascade Effect · Matthew Dickerson
Three for the Western Island · Susan Edwards Richmond
A Day on the Platte · Pepper Trail
Passenger Pigeons · Pepper Trail
Audubon’s “Ivory-​​billed Woodpeckers” · Pepper Trail
The Snowy One · Ron Roth
Snapshot · Ron Roth
Scoria · Taylor Brorby
Delight · Taylor Brorby
She Speaks for the Bees · Gwendolyn Morgan
Autumn Equinox · Gwendolyn Morgan
Essay ·  Self-​​Realisation on the Kumano Kodo · William Henry Searle
Ducktrap River · Christopher Hansen
Myrmeleonidinae · Christopher Hansen
For Dalmatian Toadflax · Hannah Rodabaugh
Dalmatian Toadflax Feels Unappreciated · Hannah Rodabaugh
Vestigial Structure · Amanda Biltucci
The Muskrat Lurks · Amanda Biltucci
Boneflower · Chad Hanson
Abel & Rose · Chad Hanson
The ocean is a desert . . . · Gonzalinho de Costa
Essay · Mysterious Monarchs · Marianne Werner
Conversations with the Snake in the Wall of the Poet’s Classroom · Tricia Knoll
The Way the Wind Blows · Tricia Knoll
Walking with Higgs · Bill Prindle
Loon Requiem · Bill Prindle
You Go Into the Woods Because You Miss Your Body · Claudia F. Savage
Nantahala · Claudia F. Savage
Asking · Cameron Price
Forgiveness · Cameron Price
Cairn · M. L. Lyons
Song of the Ice Snake · M. L. Lyons
Essay · The Four Masks of Wild River · Amber Ornelas
Of Bayous and Pine Sand · Mark B. Hamilton
Brins Mesa after the Fire · Jessica Martini
Whispers from the Prairie · Kathryn Haydon
Gray Morning on the Pennsylvania Turnpike · Kathryn Haydon
Winter Koan · Suzanne Rogier Marshall
On the Edge of the Androscoggin · Suzanne Rogier Marshall
Weather Report · Suzanne Rogier Marshall
Mt. Hood’s hidden garden · Andy Thorstenson
recompose · Andy Thorstenson

Format: Magazine | 73 pages
Release Date: February 22, 2015

Price: $11.99
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