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Posted on Aug 14, 2013

Waking | Preview from Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea

This past spring we announced the two winners of the 2013 Wild Earth Poetry Prize. We are pleased to announce that one of the winners,  Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea by Gwendolyn Morgan, will be released on August 31st! This collection offers richly textured poetic renderings of natural landscapes and emotional nuances in response to those landscapes.   She weaves concerns for global warming, social inequities, and health care together with images of birds, plants, animals, breath, evoking our interconnectedness with all sentient beings and the spiritual universe.  There is in these poems a deep sense of care for and rootedness in the natural world. As we approach the release, we will be sharing previews from the collection! As this weeks preview, we offer Waking.




turn five stones over count

grackles six glossy blackness

stack kindling fire burns

sapphire claret-red


spill wine on the counter

place hand on your temple

touch nighthawk wings

finger smooth round shells


reminisce closed fingers

sugar-glazed rhubarb wild cherries

mandarin oranges a clear dish

of water


throw an apostrophe

over your shoulder

like salt hope bracketed

between truth


sew with silver needles

aqua thread antique buttons

the toaster-cover your

grandmother quilted


open six jars of jelly

gooseberry apricot plum

prisms of light in your white

strands of hair


wait for luck pray for

rough-legged hawk