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Posted on Jan 10, 2014

Written River Winter Issue Now Available!

Written River Winter Issue Now Available!

Just in time to see the days getting longer, our winter issue of Written River is here to bring even more light into those cold winter days!

Contributing Authors for this issue are: Geneen Marie Haugen, Courtney Flerlage, Julie Fowler, Melinda Giordano, Danial Hudon, Terry Portillo, Michelle Menting, Carla Ferreira, Janis Rodgers Soule, Brian Stafford, Steve Bertolino, Nancy Bunge, Andrew Hincapie, Irene Mitchell, Bill Hoagland, James Liter, Laurence Holden, Kaye Spivey, Elizabeth Selbst, Elizabeth Schultz, Byron Beynon, Donna O’Connell-Gilmore and Benjamin Polley. Read our free e-​​edition below. Look for the print edition on Magcloud late next week!




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